Improved. Comfortable and functional like never before.

Always 100% ECO-FRIENDLY and self-sufficient.


Equipped with photovoltaic panel constantly recharging the battery. It does not require external charging.

Relax on the water

Created to enjoy the comfort and silence away from other beach users. Thanks to it you can enjoy the sun and the closeness of nature.


Thanks to the dual-cell batteries with a large capacity and the PV panel, it does not require any additional service.

SUNSAILER 3.0 means constant innovation

Every season we traditionally enter with further improvements.

This time we changed the location of the electronics and separated the engine control into 2 independent elements – the joystick and the power lever.

100% return in 1 season!

Enjoy the possibilities that SUNSAILER gives you.


Mattress made of the best materials ensures comfort while swimming.


SUNSAILER has nearly a ton of displacement and thanks to its catamaran construction it behaves very stable even at high waves.


It has a built-in phone charger and USB ports for fast charging. In addition, thanks to BT speakers and amplifier, you can listen to music directly from your smartphone

High Quality

Built on the basis of European laminates. The fabrics have all the approvals. All fittings are made of stainless steel.


It does not require external charging or any other service. You launch and you start the adventure.

An investment in the environment

Sailing catamarans do not pollute the environment because you do not emit CO2. In addition, you are not disruptive to others - you move silently.

Positive image

Eco-friendly vehicles gain positive feedback for your site. People want to use ecological devices even for the sake of just curiosity.

Fast return on investment

The experience from 2018 shows that the purchase of SUNSAILER can be paid back within one season.

Our partners


Only for commercial customers we provide branding for free.

Logo on the hull and a link to the website in the „Where to swim” tab.

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